With customers ranging from fresh produce importers, wholesalers, brokers, retailers or just about anyone involved with fresh produce.

Whole Salers

We Service A Number Of Produce Wholesalers And Welcome All Inquiries.

Importers, Distributors & Brokers

Whether You Are A Fresh Produce Broker, Importer, Or Distributor, We Can Accommodate Your Needs.


We Provide Fresh Produce To Various Retail Outlets Such As Supermarkets And Restaurants.

Special Orders

While We Service Customers On An International Scale, We Are Able To Accommodate Most Customers Requests. If There Is A Particular Fruit Or Vegetable That We Don't Currently Produce, Please Let Us Know And We Would Be More Than Happy To Discuss Your Requirements.
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How we Work

It’s important for us to keep our customers informed every single step along the way.


The process initiates with the negotiation in between the customer and Dleite.

New Harvest

We harvest new produce, In case the customer requires a vegetable, root, or fruit not listed in our main list.

Contract Accepted

Price and terms of negotiation are agreed upon for both parties. Contract signed.

Order Confirmation

We confirm timelines and which vegetables and fruits we can provide.

Planting Process

1. If we have enough to meet the order’s requirements, we supply the immediate need of the customer. If we require more produce and/or is a special order. 2. Seeds are taken to the nursery & once ready, they are given to the grower.

Growing & Supervision

Our Safety Engineer supervises the process along with the grower. A quality standard form is given to each grower based on the customer’s needs.

Processing & Packaging

The growers send the produce to our secure facilities, where selection & processing is done. We leverage our network of packaging suppliers, quality packaging materials are used for freshness & durability during transport.

Shipping Documentation

Our logistics department prepares shipping documents (like invoices, purchase orders, and bills of lading) and liaises directly with shipping or air transportation companies the placement of the container or truck.

Quality Control

Quality Control personnel ensures the process is done under the manual process based on the certifications Primus GFS, FDA, and Global Gap.

Dispatching & Shipping

Once the container or truck is loaded and ready, it is dispatched to a port or airport to continue the way to its final destination.

Order Tracking

Our logistics department tracks orders to ensure timely deliveries & maintain updated records of orders, suppliers, and customers.
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